I’m Christina.

I'm building Vanta.

A lifetime ago (c 2015-16), I helped bring Dropbox Paper to market and built tools to make programming easier. Previously, I made other things that taught me to build on and for the internet.

I started my career at USV in early-stage VC, which I quite enjoyed—until I realized that, as the internet seeps into everything, the future belongs to people who make things. At the time, it felt like a huge switch, and I wrote about it here and here. In retrospect, it wasn't such a big deal.

My internet began in the mid 90s, reading Beanie Baby forums and flipping my old toys on early eBay. I grew up in the Midwest and still bleed scarlet and gray. I like books, microeconomics, running up hills, oil paintings (especially Renaissance, Dutch, Haitian, Magritte L'Empire des lumières), James Turrell, the NBA, 80s and 90s women's gymnastics, contemporary East African politics, and these things.

I occasionally angel invest in areas I know:

If you’re curious for more, christinacaci on Twitter, christinac on Github, ccacioppo on LinkedIn (consistency is overrated.)

[email protected]